Fattern Default Sample


Since I finished Multicolore SVG & Vector Typeface and the more ambitious Colortube I wanted to explore more the field of colour SVG fonts. So, here it is, my latest OTF font called Fattern – the name is a hybrid of Fat (because he is fat, indeed) and Pattern – because letters are filled with colourful patterns. The design of the patterns is influenced by some of my favorite artists and designers – Romero Britto and Craig & Karl.

Fattern Free Font
Fattern Sugar
Fattern Spice
Fattern Everything Nice

For now Fattern only includes basic Latin characters, numerals and simple punctuation. I’m not planning on adding diacritics and accented characters, because the font file is rather large even now (approx. 2MB) and adding more glyphs will make it even heavier. In case you need to use diacritics – I’m positive you can do them yourself 🙂 after all Fattern is not intended to be used in long texts: that would be crazy!!!

You will notice some characters have alternates, but I did not go crazy on these – enough to make it look interesting and non-repeating for short texts like headlines!

Another practical thing about this font is that it was created using only CMYK colour values – which means no color matching issues when printed (as opposed to fonts created using RGB colour values)

System requirements

Requires Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 or Adobe Illustrator CC 2018! If used in a lower version of both programs the font will default to black (monochrome only).

For those with older versions of Adobe products, the archive also contains Illustrator AI file compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS. Scroll down to Download!

Fattern You
Fattern Kiss
Fattern Love
Fattern Soul

Character Set

Fattern Charset
Fattern Lowercase
Fattern Numerals
fattern Alternates


Creative Commons License
Fattern OTF Font by Ivan Filipov is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


  • July 2020: Initial 1.0 Release

How to Install a Font

If you don’t know who to install fonts on your computer, please read these, kindly supplied by Dafont.com:

If you find Fattern valuable for your design projects, donations are welcome. I would also appreciate if you send me your designs involving Fattern or to tag your Instagram posts #Fattern

Introduction to colour fonts

A short video about colour fonts by the great folks at FontSelf!