Vesta Business Simulations Logo

Vesta Business Simulations

Vesta Business Simulations is a German software development company which creates revolutionary software which combines technologies from business intelligence, business modeling and simulation of dynamical systems in one unique integrated tool – the Vesta Decision Support System.

I have been hired to redesign their old logo, because it has been using a typeface similar to my own Neogrey font – and we ended up completely redrawing their logo and making it more up to date and on trend.

vesta bs before & after

Their old logo has been suffering from readability issues, plus it only used black as a main color

So I took the chance to completely rework this into something more suitable for the digital age – as well as to introduce a larger color palette for use with the logo and in various applications


Various treatments of the characters’ stem endings – rounded only, straight only and mixed, rounded and straight.


The original logo also included a V-shaped triangle symbol, which also needed simplification and refinement.


Different stages and proposals of the initial design


Final version of the logo with full color and monochromatic treatment.

Vesta Business Simulations various monochromatic versions