SISTEMA is a brand of high-end audiophile amplifiers with proprietary D/A conversion system. The MONOLITH amplifier chasis is made of a single block of isostatic graphite, chosen for it anti-resonant and shielding qualities.

All that is not essential for the truthful sound reproductions has been eliminated. There is no input selector, no volume potentiometer, no tone control. The influence of the cables is thus reduced to a minimum. The digital input signal is amplified as it comes from the source and completely unchanged arrives to the speakers: the sensation is a totally immersive experience.

The Wordmark

The wordmark is based on my own typeface Arkitech. The client found it on the net and loved it so much, he wanted to use it for his logo. I’ve suggested few alternative variants as I wasn’t sure it would really work for his product.

Below you can see my suggestions. After few rounds of changes we ended up with slightly modified version of the original Arkitech outlines.

The Symbol

The client also wanted to have some recognizable symbol that can work stand-alone, without the wordmark and for use in social media.

Again, I had thrown in a few possible options (below), but eventually the client picked a very simple S monogram.


I’ve chosen Monda by Vernon Adams for its sturdiness and blocky shapes. The client obviously loved my Arkitech so much he decided to use it for the writings on the amplifiers and on his business cards too.

The Monolith

And finally, the amplifiers in all their impressive glory!