I want to make some clarification regarding the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine. I DO NOT support such a cause and I think this is a crime against humanity. Some lessons are obviously not learned. I DO NOT ENDORSE Communism as I think the atrocities of the Soviet regimes are equal to the ones committed by Nazi Germany. The type samples DO NOT GLORIFY the realities of Communism – on the contrary, most of the examples are quotes from George Orwell’s 1984.
I explicitly forbid the use of Red October by any organizations and individuals connected in any way with Communist ideas and practices – so, please find some other Russian-looking font to spread your ideas. Thank you!!


Red October

Red October is a constructivist typeface inspired by Soviet propaganda posters. It turns out to be quite popular – most notably in American movies like R.E.D, Die Hard 5 and Repo – The Genetic Opera, as well as on the cover of Rihanna’s single “Russian Roulette” and as a logo of the famous Puerto Rican band Calle 13.

Red October Mixed Samples
Red October Lavreniy Beria Sample
Red October Karl Marx Sample
Red October Todor Zhivkov
Red October Stalin Sample
Red October Dictators Samplke
Red October Moskvitch 3300 Sample
Red October Wordcloud Sample

Red October is free for PERSONAL USE only. If you plan to use it for commercial purposes, please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Any Communist-related organizations or individuals are prohibited from using of Red October for any type of material – no matter commercial or personal. There are plenty of other Russian-looking fonts out there, so go and look for one of them. Thank you.

Personal vs Commercial Use

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THE WAIT IS OVA! Rihanna's New Album, Rated R, Hits Monday, Nov. 23.  (PRNewsFoto/Island Def Jam Music Group)

Some examples of Red October in use