Juno Jones Meti Boots Brown

Juno Jones

Juno Jones is creating beautiful performance workboots for stylish women in jobs with hazards to their feet.

They’re collaborating with women in construction, the sciences, professional kitchens, real estate, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and many other industries to create new options in safety footwear, as well as to inspire and support women to follow their passions in male-dominated fields.

The Story

On a cold and sunny Boxing Day morning I woke up early and just get a quick glance at my emails. There was one from Emily Soloby asking for permission to use my font¬†Syntha for the logo of her startup brand. While I was flattered she has chosen my font the end result did not looked very convincing. I’m easily sparkled by interesting projects so I did some rough sketches and offered my logo design services to Emily – because what not to love about this project?!?!

The Process

Since the very start we had a great understanding and in just couple of rounds of changes we ended up with the current logo. We scrapped my Syntha for being too sporty and I’ve modified Poppins Extra Black for the wordmark.

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The Meti Boot

The Meti Boot is a water resistant jodhpur style ankle boot with tulip top-line, YKK vintage brass easy-on and off side zipper and vintage brass stud detail. The Meti Boot is named for the METI Handmade School in Bangladesh, designed by architect Anna Heringer.