Groove is a small bar-café-gallery in the heart of the Creative Industries District in Plovdiv. The neighborhood is called Kapana (you can read about the place in my other post about its visual identity) and it houses lots of galleries, workshops, restaurants, bars and tiny stores selling beautiful things.

A new life

Before the renovation the place was used for private medical practices. It has been rather abandoned for quite a long time. Since the announcement of Plovdiv as European Culture Capital for 2019 the popularity of Kapana and surrounding areas has risen significantly, so there are lots of small bars and cafés in near vicinity. The new owners wanted something that strays away from the hipster/vintage aesthetic so popular in the neighborhood.

The Circle

The idea developed quite quickly – the owner of the venue is a DJ and he loved the simplicity and multiple meanings of the word GROOVE: the musical term, the grooves of a vinyl record.

Then I’ve got the idea about the circular shape of the physical objects that deliver a sense of good groove: a cup of coffee, a pint of beer, a cocktail, a vinyl record, a disco ball, a glass of wine… the possibilities are endless.

A flexible solution

Besides being dead simple the wordmark is also very flexible, almost “responsive” – it can be adapted to fit into various other shapes and uses.

The “Gicon”

It repeats the same idea, adding yet another circle into the picture. I wanted to add some quirk by creating a non-existent glyph – the G dieresis. It is a strong and easily recognizable symbol that works at very small sizes and provides great flexibility too.

Brand colours and typography

Interior and exterior



Social Media